How can augmented storytelling and embodied ways of learning help us grapple with the scope and scale of waste in our lives?  With an eye to critical pedagogies and environmental justice, Liz Miller and MJ Thompson have developed this app for educators, students, cyclists, and zero waste enthusiasts to discover past and present waste sites throughout Montreal. The app starts with the idea that being there matters and invites users to explore the social histories and contemporary dilemmas of Montreal’s wastescapes. It’s a chance to follow the waste and see where it goes through the lens of city infrastructure, community activism and the people who manage waste. Users can visit North America’s oldest sewage system, find a sculpture garden of refurbished materials or experience the futurist orbs of Fréderic Back Park, a former landfill and now a source of alternative energy.  Montreal has piloted a Zero waste plan and our objective is to merge zero waste aspirations with critical pedagogy, recreational fun and the transformational potential of a collective visit to a local wastescape.